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I. Select/Design labels

You can either use DECO pre-designed labels or create your own

1. Create Your Image Label

1.1 Select templates

In the Image Label section, you will have 2 options: Click Templates to use DECO templates, or Add Images to upload your own designs

1.2 Change positions & sizes

Select 9 basic Positions and 3 Sizes(S, M, L)
Or Click Customize Position and Customize Size to have more options

2. Create a text label

2.1 Choose background

You can use our backgrounds at Background, or your own at Add images
In Background:
  • Choose Shape to extensively customize them (size, color, border,...)
  • Choose Image to use a pre-design background

2.2 Change positions, size & background color

Label position: Select basic 9 Positions or click Customize Position to have more options
Label size: Adjust the Width and Height in Size to have your wanted size
Label Color: Click on the round button. or choose your wanted color from our color picker, the label color will also be reflected in the image preview

2.3 Enter your text

You can add any text you want in Label text
If you want to create custom labels with Auto text, click on the box beside the Label text
Choose the option you want. For example, Save amounts will result like the screenshot below, and XX% will display based on each product discount
In Auto text, you can adjust the text, but the function {SAVE_PERCENT} or any function in {} should not be deleted/modified for the best display result
In the Text section, you can also custom:
  • Text color
  • Font size
  • Text Style
  • Letter spacing
  • Border
  • Margin
  • Animation
  • Rotation
  • Opacity
  • CSS Code